B.O.G Hotel is

Located in

Located in La Cabrera, a neighborhood to the north of the city in one of the busiest areas of the metropolitan area, this suggestive and provocative design concept of each sense is based on the best treasures of Colombia to host visitors from the country and the world in search of of a place that combines business and pleasure



A place where the good taste, design and seasoning of our region emerge, with the delicious combinations whose imported raw material is composed of exotic fruits of the country such as mango, gulupa and tree tomato combined to create an experience of the exquisite flavor of our country.



Escape from the chaos of the city, watching sunsets from our rooftop with a panoramic view of the city, becomes a completely relaxing experience.


Emerald SPA

The care of every detail added to the environments is suitable for relaxation and your physical health, it can be appreciated in our wellness areas: SPA, gym and pool. Enjoy this authentic scenery designed for your disconnection and serenity.


Emerald SPA

El cuidado de cada detalle agregado a los ambientes son propios para la relajación y tu salud física, se puede apreciar en nuestras zonas de bienestar: SPA, gimnasio y piscina. Disfruta de esta escenografía auténtica diseñada para tu desconexión y serenidad.


B.O.G. Hotel Operadora S.A.S declares its commitment to the implementation of the Management System for Sustainability, promoting the protection of national tourist destinations, the natural and cultural heritage of the nation and the environment. Likewise, it embraces the prevention of sexual and commercial exploitation of minors “ESCNNA”, as well as any type of racial or gender discrimination.

Habeas Data

By virtue of the strong commitment of BOG HOTEL OPERADORA SAS with the adequate treatment of personal data, guaranteeing in addition to the safeguarding and security of information, and the exercise of Habeas Data, the company establishes this Policy applicable to the security of information in the organization.

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